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Advisory Service

Our organization provides a service directed to public and private entities, adapted to the reality and context in which each one is inserted. This service has the main goal, the constant updating of public entities about legal norms.
The basis of our consultancy process is based on the need to understand the difficulties and needs that are presented to us and create the solutions to respond to them. After the diagnosis phase, we define together with our client the improvement goals and create the necessary procedures to ensure compliance with them.

Legal Advice

This service aims to provide to the public and private entities a constant updating about legal laws, preventing eventual conflicts between your company and other entities or people. 

  • Update of the relevant legislation;
  • Business and Contracts monitoring ;
  • Legal Advice;

Public Contracts

We provide a service-oriented to public entities, that aims execution of public contracts that have their origin, the acquisition of goods, services, public works contracts, and private uses of public domain.

Support to Public Accounting


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Human Resources

Nowadays, Human Resources have a strategic role in the company. With that in mind, our mission aims to support: 

  • Hiring process 
  • Admission process
  • Legal Intermediation and resolution of conflicts 
  • Tailor-made training

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