Audit Service

The competitive environment where companies operate requires increasingly a rapid and efficient answer, cross factor to all sectors.  At this point, our organization, through our services of audit, intends to support entrepreneurs and managers with a set of services, namely, in nuclear areas such as finance, taxation, accounting, information systems or human resources management. For this, we have a team of consulting on financial challenges which companies face in the market.

Public Audit

Our organization develops a central role in support of the public accountability process. At each stage, a report on the accounts of public bodies is prepared, thus providing decision-makers with independent information and guarantees.

Private Audit

Our organization is prepared to assist your company in three aspects: Financial Auditing; Compliance Audit; and Results Audit. The first includes examining documents, reports, internal control, internal audit systems, accounting procedures and other records to verify that the financial statements present a true and fair financial position and that the results of financial activities are in accordance with the financial statements. accepted accounting standards and principles. For its part, the Compliance Audit seeks to verify that the economic and financial management of the audited entity, activity or program complies with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions. Finally, the Results Audit involves the analysis of the programs, operations, management systems and procedures used by the bodies and institutions that manage the resources, in order to assess the economy, the efficiency of the use of these resources.

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